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High-Stakes Communication Skills for Leaders, Work-Life Harmony for Everyone

High-capacity performance and communication expert Katy Kvalvik helps people create their own blueprint for success and happiness

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an accessible way for people to make that structure a reality for themselves? High-capacity performance and communication expert Katy Kvalvik has created a blueprint for living that does just that.

Through her integrative leadership programs and her trademark Harmony Method®, Katy helps C-suite executives and people from all walks of life create valuable, powerful, and effective action plans for living and working.

Southwestern Empowerment

Katy partnered with Southwestern – one of the largest and oldest private corporations in the world (established in 1855) – to create Southwestern Empowerment: a personal and professional development company that exists to transform and inspire today’s leaders to create a positive impact and greater consciousness in their organizations, and in society at large.

Southwestern Empowerment is also part of Southwestern Consulting, one of the largest coaching and consulting firms in the world, with over 12,000 clients and companies benefiting from its programs.

At Southwestern Empowerment, Katy and her team provide services for individuals, groups, and organizations. They empower people with tools, strategies, and solutions to find and develop their deeper purpose, elevate performance, and achieve lasting results through programs like:

* CEO Concierge: One-on-one coaching for executives and high-potential, high-capacity individuals. Katy drives business results with personalized coaching to enhance leadership and communication skills, solve real-world problems, and maximize performance.

* Elevate Your Life: A full-day interactive event created to empower individuals with the leadership tools, training, and accountability they need to experience powerful breakthroughs and excel to optimal performance and results in both their personal and professional lives. The Southwestern Empowerment team ignites this experience with step-by-step strategies to help people get clarity and take intentional action to align with their potential, deeper purpose, and inner power.

The Harmony Method®

What is the step-by-step strategy for how to heal body, mind, and spirit; live the life you've always wanted to live; and function at the high-performance level you want to be at?

“Through experiencing my own struggles relearning how to walk – let alone become an athlete again – after my own severe injuries,” Katy shares, “I wanted to create a system that offered a holistic, integrative understanding of how to look at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of wellness. So, I went back to school and earned new degrees and certifications. I traveled all over the world studying with many different teachers, leaders, doctors, and healers to learn their integrative strategies. That’s how I was able to create the Harmony Method® – a step-by-step blueprint of flexible strategies you can apply to your life to live and work more harmoniously. If we're able to learn these skill sets, we're able to be in alignment with ourselves and really excel at what we're supposed to be doing in this lifetime.”

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PRESS RELEASE 8/16/19 Founder of Southwestern Empowerment Launches Online Press Kit

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